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The JCSE team is led by industry experts and currently has a total of 62 personnel of various types, of which 67% are engineers and technicians, and 90% are undergraduates or above.

Wang Weihua, 46 years old, chief expert, Ph.D., professor at the School of Automotive Engineering, Jilin University. He has undertaken many national "863" projects and published many papers. In-depth research on electric vehicle power system technology and simulation;

Liu Yunhong, 67 years old, senior engineer, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology with a major in electrical automation. He was originally engaged in scientific research in the 701 Institute of the Ministry of Aerospace Science and Technology, participated in many major national projects, and has profound research on power supply and electronic control;

Fu Wenyin 46-year-old CEO MBA, "industry expert" in the field of national micro electric vehicles and power supply, "deputy chairman" of the expert committee of the National Lithium Battery Testing Center (Shandong). Working in the lithium battery industry for nearly 20 years, he has successfully established two “national high-tech enterprises” and two “academician workstations”, Shandong Haite (now Shandong Seiko) and Shandong Runfeng New Energy. , Super capacitor and system integration technology has deep accumulation, rich industry experience and industry resources;

Zhu Tao, 38-year-old general manager of the BMS business unit with a master's degree Relying on the resources of China University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University, he has been focusing on the development of battery management system software and hardware for many years. Many projects have been applied to special vehicles and power supplies in the military industry such as Wuchuan, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Wuzhong, and 722 Institutes. project;

Zhong Yin, 58 years old, undergraduate senior engineer, former chief engineer of Fushun Forklift Company, technical director of Liaoning Houneng Co., Ltd., focusing on the compatibility and reliability of lithium-ion power battery system applied to electric industrial vehicles.

Xing Hongwei, 30-year-old undergraduate technology minister, has eight years of experience in lithium battery system integration technology. He has organized or participated in many battery pack projects such as communication power supply, Zotye electric vehicle, and Electric Power Research Institute, and has rich practical experience;

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