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JCSE Advantage

JCSE Advantage

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◆ "Terminal-oriented" thinking, perfectly matching the application.

Different from the conventional practice in the industry that allows customer products to adapt to their own batteries, JCSE researches and analyzes terminal application parameters through measurement, simulation and simulation, and combines customer "expectations" to determine accurate and comprehensive terminal application requirements and transform it into a battery power system. design input, and then decompose the technical configuration requirements of the battery, BMS, structure, charging system and other components accordingly, so as to ensure that the battery power system perfectly meets the terminal requirements;

◆ Unique multi-layer "nesting" technology to ensure safety.

◆ Battery power system package provider.

Based on a strong technical team and deep industry precipitation, JCSE provides a package of solutions and complete sets of products for "battery system, management system, intelligent charging system, and inverter system" to ensure the matching of power system and vehicle, allowing customers to Save worry, effort and time.


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