JCSE Full immersion type electric motorcycle trailer lithium battery features advantages

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JCSE Full immersion type electric motorcycle trailer lithium battery features advantages

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Fully immersed lithium battery is the world's first commercialized full-body liquid direct liquid cooling technology application  electric motorcycle battery system independently developed by Shandong Solar&Energy Co., LTD. In 2022, it won the gold medal in the Functional Design category of China Power Supply Design Competition. Fully immersed lithium battery can be charged and discharged at -40℃, the temperature rise of the entire battery system in operation is less than 10℃, the sustainable discharge current is 80A, and the charging current is 18A.

So, why is the performance of fully immersed lithium batteries so outstanding?

1 Own "multiple nested" system technology

Based on the self-protection mechanism of the battery, electric load and charger, the power battery system scheme is developed and designed according to the load application scenario. The nested logic design between "load, controller, battery and BMS" ensures the reliability and safety of the battery system under the 360° application scenario.

2 Using the car gauge level "CID+ explosion-proof valve" dual safety mechanism power lithium cell

Adoption and high safety while maintaining superior power performance. When the internal or external short circuit or overcharge or overdischarge of the battery cell causes the internal pressure to be too high, the internal CID structure automatically breaks off, interrupting the charge/discharge process to prevent continuous deterioration. At the same time, when the internal pressure of the cell reaches the limit value, the "explosion-proof valve" will automatically break and release the internal pressure, reducing the harm in extreme accidents to the minimum;

3 Adopt JCSE high-end electric motorcycle dedicated intelligent BMS (Battery management system)

Monitor and upload the voltage, temperature, current, temperature and SOC of each module battery in real time to achieve over-voltage, over-current, over-discharge, short circuit, over-temperature protection and balance. At the same time, with the vehicle electronic control through CAN two-way communication, control, strong support of the electric control action to get the full range of battery support. At the same time, according to the state of the battery, coordinate the electric control to adjust the state of the vehicle to ensure riding safety and battery safety.

4 Unique fully submersible liquid cooling thermal management solution in the industry

The battery module is fully submerged in the compound environmental protection liquid coolant to help achieve rapid heat dissipation and heat balance of the battery. In the high temperature environment of 35℃ in summer, the temperature rise of 10℃ at the end of full power operation at full speed is 10℃, and the typical temperature difference does not exceed 2℃, which maintains the temperature consistency of the battery cell and effectively extends the service life of the battery.

Unique liquid "safety function membrane" Unique liquid "Safety function membrane"
Battery internal power battery system, BMS and other electrical parts are all covered with liquid "safety film", a full range of insulation, isolation of moisture, air, to create a different guarantee for battery safety.

Industrial grade IP68 class high current fast plug terminal. Industrial grade IP68 class high current fast plug terminal

The core is gold-plated to ensure adequate flow capacity and up to 5000 insertion and withdrawal life. Terminal locking design, in place locking to ensure full contact with all working conditions. Special processing technology, meet the requirements of IP68 waterproof and dustproof.

7 Breathing Safety valve

The battery is equipped with an automatic balancing safety valve, which automatically relieves pressure to ensure that the internal pressure of the battery is in the normal range. Custom-developed e-PTFE membrane valve structure, while ensuring a certain pressure balance, the protection level up to IP67 or more.

8 High-speed CAN communication

High-speed CAN communication to meet the needs of big data and high frequency. It can realize vehicle software upgrade through automotive OBD interface, reliable and convenient.

9-40 ℃ Ultra-low temperature adaptive charging function -40℃ ultra-low temperature adaptive charging function

This system is specially designed and developed 0 ~ -40℃ low temperature charging system, not afraid of cold, anytime and anywhere emergency charging, to ensure a broader application scenario, more powerful performance.

10 Magnesium alloy shell

The aluminum alloy shell provides superior strength protection while having superior heat dissipation performance. Lighter, more portable, more endurance.

11 Bionic Security architecture Security architecture

The battery system uses aluminum shell protection on the outside, and flame retardant ABS skeleton structure on the inside, which maintains the integrity and forms a strong whole. Interposition flexible shock-proof EVA with special liquid coolant flowing in the middle. It is not only safe under static and dynamic conditions, but also can create a larger life safety time window in extreme circumstances.

12 Security 3.0 Policy

In the case of adopting the active safety strategy of lithium iron phosphate system + soft pack polymer battery cell power unit + intelligent management system (BMS) + "multiple nested" design, configure the S-type hot air sol fire fighting unit and control system. Once the thermal runaway inside the power battery system is detected, the fire fighting unit will start by itself. On the one hand, the metal oxides and carbonates released instantly absorb heat and decompose, absorb the released heat, reduce the temperature in the box, and inhibit the combustion reaction.

At the same time, the vaporized metal ions decomposed by the hot gas sol extinguishing agent, such as Sr, K, Mg or the cations that lose electrons, exist in the form of steam and have multiple chain reactions with the active groups H•, •OH and O• in combustion. The following takes Sr as an example:

Sr+2•OH→Sr (OH) 2 Sr+O•→SrO Sr (OH) 2+2H•→Sr+2H2O

In this way, the active groups that may participate in combustion are consumed repeatedly, and the concentration of active groups is continuously reduced until the combustion is suppressed.

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