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High-speed electric motorcycle lithium battery

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Traditional fuel motorcycles have problems such as complex powertrain structure, large volume, simple electronic and electrical structure and other functions, which limit the development of motorcycles to avant-garde fashion and digital intelligence. Motorcycle electrification can be a good solution to this kind of problem. Compared with traditional motorcycles, electric motorcycles are more varied, more powerful, faster acceleration, less noise, and energy saving and environmental protection, with lower use cost.

Shandong Kyocera Solar Energy is committed to providing high-performance power battery system solutions for electric motorcycles.

Strong power

Excellent performance of high power rate of continuous discharge, to create a high-speed driving experience.

Worry-free endurance

With ultra-high energy density, the ultimate use of limited electric motorcycle space, experience high-speed endurance.

Super adaptability

The unique integrated liquid cooling system can continue to output strong power both in the extreme north cold and in the desert heat. At the same time, the integrated and stable PACK structure design can be durable and easily controlled both in both the next desert and the rugged mountain road

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