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12v80ah modular cascade of lithium ion battery

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1. Standardized building block modular design, easy to facilitate the development and installation of AGV and RGV new robot vehicles;

2. Adopt pure copper M8 stud terminal, with the maximum support of 1C fast charging, suitable for high-power application scenarios;

3. Equipped with L E D level 5 power display, the power situation is clear at a glance, know well;

4. Adopt Kyocera BMS multi-stage series control technology, the battery supports up to 4-level series use, 12v in 2,24v, 36v and 48v. One battery is suitable for more scenarios, facilitate new product design and selection, and reduce production inventory;

5. Adopt LFP + multiple protection technology, ultra-high security.With over-current, short-circuit, overdischarge, over-pressure, over-temperature protection function and error-prevention design, the safety is an order of magnitude higher than that of general products;

6. Adopt ABS shell + Kyocera exclusive seal technology, and the protection level is up to IP67.

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