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12V30AH low-temperature solar street lamp lithium battery pack

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12v 20Ah、30Ah、40Ah、60Ah、100Ah

Solar street lamp lithium battery low temperature lithium battery, battery controller integrated machine, village bright project street lamp battery, new rural transformation street lamp battery

1. The product has long been tested on the site.The product was successfully developed in 2014, put into use in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia for three years, experienced the test of high temperature, low temperature, wind and sand, safe operation for more than 1200 days, deeply recognized by the local people;

2. The battery is highly integrated, reducing on-site wiring and easy installation.Kyocera low-temperature street lamp battery, lithium battery, BMS, controller integrated, installed in the same aluminum shell, small size, light weight.Reduce the field fixation, wiring, simpler installation, higher reliability;

3. For the extreme cold weather of-40℃.Shandong Kyocera (JCSE) specially for the harsh climate in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Tibet and other extremely cold areas, the low temperature street lamp lithium battery, equipped with automatic text control system, can automatically detect the battery temperature, according to the temperature, choose the charging and discharge working mode, to ensure the safety of battery use;

4, with short circuit protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, over current protection and temperature protection "five protection" functions and automatic temperature detection and automatic temperature control functions.Safety is guaranteed, to eliminate the worries at home;

5.  high-end street lamp lithium battery adopts aluminum alloy waterproof shell, and the shell adopts oxidation coating process, with beautiful appearance and long service life;

6,  (JCSE) street lamp special lithium battery, complete models, 12V, 14v, 24v, 10AH-90AH can be customized.

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