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12V Agricultural electric sprayer lithium battery

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I. Product parameters

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1 Cell Type 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery

2 Nominal voltage is 12V

3. Rated capacity of 8Ah

4 Continuous working current: 1A~8A

5 Overcurrent protection current 10A~20A (adjustable)

6 Overcharge protection voltage 4.25±0.025V/ cell

7 Over-current protection voltage 2.50±0.10V/ cell

8 Charging mode constant flow constant pressure

9 Maximum charging voltage is 12.8V~13.0V

10 Maximum charging current is 4.0A

11 Charging temperature is 0~45℃, 45~85%RH

12 Discharge temperature-20 to 55℃, 45 to 85% R H

13 Finished product size (length * width * height) 150 * 65 * 95mm

14 Weight: 550g

Ii. Application equipment

Electric sprayer battery, agricultural dispensing machine battery, fruit tree fertilizer battery, night market lighting fixtures, outdoor audio, security power supply, access control system, monitoring equipment.

Three, the main advantages of lithium battery

1 & gt; Light weight: only 1 / 4 of the weight of lead-acid battery can reduce the burden of spray operation.

2 & gt; Capacity ratio: the same voltage capacity, the volume only needs 1 / 8 of the lead-acid battery, increase the cell to increase the use time, improve the work efficiency.

3 & gt; Environmental protection lithium battery: no pollution in the production and use (there is a large amount of lead in the lead-acid battery, if not properly treated after waste, will produce pollution to the environment).

4 & gt; High stability: built-in PCM protection board circuit and BMS protection system, effectively protect the battery, so that the battery play the maximum effect.

5 & gt; Provide cell packs and solutions, OEM / ODM services for customer needs.

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