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48V Climbing machine lithium battery

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48v13Ah / 15Ah / 20Ah building machine lithium battery

1. JCSE brand guarantee.15 years of power lithium battery industry experience professional team to build, credit support, trustworthy;

2. The original A-class power battery cell, strong power and sufficient capacity, far from the ratio of fake and inferior cells.

High-end customers can choose Samsung, Panasonic, LG original imported lithium battery;

3. Using automobile-level design technology, Kyocera lithium battery can have high power output, strong power, ensure higher climbing, climb faster, use longer, and low key heat, to ensure the safety of use;

4. Adopt fast plug and plug design to facilitate power change, reduce workload, save more trouble, save time to make more money;

5. Develop and design larger capacity battery design and supporting facilities for high-end customers; or design, develop and produce battery power integrated machine for customers, which can be charged anytime and anywhere, without returning to the factory or taking a single charger alone.See higher, go further;

6. Many years of experience in the development of electric vehicles, special vehicles, military, military, robot, AGV, rail car, forklift and other fields, to ensure reliable technology, good quality, and support customers to upgrade!!!

9, Up to 9 heavy safety protection design, short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge and other general considerations in place, so that you can buy worry, with peace of mind, do longer, earn more!!!

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