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48v 400Ah Electric forklift lithium ion battery

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JCSE electric forklift truck lithium battery system

1. With two material systems of lithium iron phosphate and ternary power lithium battery, designed and selected on demand;

2. The power battery core includes soft pack polymer lithium battery, square aluminum shell lithium battery, plastic shell lithium battery and cylindrical power cell, selected according to customer needs and the characteristics of the use scene;

3. The principle of lithium battery selection and design of Kyocera solar energy forklift is as follows: safety first, easy to learn and easy to use, and reliable operation;

4, Kyocera solar electric forklift battery covers 24v, 48v, 60v, 72v, 80v, 96v a variety of voltage specifications;

5. Battery capacity from 15Ah, 30Ah, 60Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah, 500Ah, 800Ah, etc., according to customer needs and use characteristics;

6. A complete set of solutions for motor, battery system, charging system and electronic control system can be provided.

Main performance features of JCSE lithium iron phosphate battery:

1 Single capacity is large, but many small monomer connection points, assembly is more convenient, installation, replacement is more convenient;

2. Long cycle life, stable performance, 1C charging and discharging 80%DOD life can reach more than 2500 times;

3 The shell is a plastic shell, more resistant to turbulence, better safety;

4. Lithium iron phosphate material itself has good safety, long cycle life, good utilitarian performance, no pollution and low single power supply, making it more suitable for applications with relatively not high space requirements, such as large energy storage system and electric bus!

5 JCSE lithium iron phosphate battery after acupuncture, short circuit and other harsh safety tests, the performance is trustworthy!

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