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48v150Ah AGV / RGV vehicle lithium battery

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(JCSE) AGV / RGV special power lithium battery system features:

1. Safety comes from the design.Adopt JCSE unique multiple "nesting" car gauge level safety design technology, layer upon layer of fortification, to ensure safety;

2. Adopt automotive-grade power lithium battery cell to ensure strong and reliable power;

3. Based on the three material systems of lithium iron phosphate (LFP), ternary (NCM) and lithium titanate (LTO) power lithium cell, select the most suitable lithium ion power battery scheme according to the characteristics of customer projects;

4. According to customer requirements, we can provide package solutions for lithium-ion power battery system and intelligent charging system, which can solve problems for customers to the maximum extent;

5. Can provide CAN, 485, dry contact and various communication modes, so that the lithium-ion power battery is intelligent and connected;

6. According to customer requirements, we can customize and develop-40℃ ultra-low temperature products and high energy products above 200wh / kg.

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