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48V multiplex voltage output lithium battery

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Applicable products: AGV car, RGV car, IGV car, rail inspection car, underwater robot, handling robot, electric power inspection vehicle.

Multiplex output voltage: DC 12v, 24v, 48v and other various output voltages are optional, or you can also develop customized AC220v or AC380v output.Highly integrated, highly intelligent

Ability, to meet the high precision, high stability of power supply output application requirements and high power application requirements;

Small volume, large capacity using imported original high energy power lithium battery and lightweight design, to meet the requirements of high power, wide temperature domain, intelligent control, the whole battery only weighs 8.9kg, can meet the requirements of power inspection long extension process;

Intelligent control battery adopts intelligent BMS, which can communicate with the control center or the whole vehicle through 485, CAN2.0 communication interface, and intelligent interaction of battery power, voltage, current and other information;

9 Heavy safety design JCSE power battery system, under the premise of short circuit protection, over temperature protection, over current protection, overdischarge protection and other basic basic safety protection functions, the use of JCSE Kyocera light energy for multiple "embedded" nested safety design technology, multiple safety barrier mechanism, to ensure the safety of application;

The choice of multiple charging system can choose 5h charging, or 2h charging technical scheme.Shandong Kyocera (JCSE) the fastest charging technology scheme can achieve 0.5h charging to 80% charging.

Explosion-proof scheme for coal mine, underground, chemical industry, textile and other explosion-proof occasions, Shandong Kyocera (JCSE) explosion-proof AGV robot battery system, can cope with the vast majority of application scenarios demand.

For high and cold environment or deep cold application scenarios, Shandong Kyocera (JCSE) ultra-low temperature AGV robot power battery system can work freely at-40℃ 1C times rate.

Multi-channel power output for the vehicle equipment, high anti-interference requirements for military, power, high-speed rail and other use scenarios, JCSE can provide multi-channel output battery system solutions.More output, more reliable.



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