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48v60Ah AGV lithium battery

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The vehicle gauge grade lithium ion power battery core has strong power, reliable performance, can meet the 1kw, 1.5kw, 2kw, 3kw power application requirements, peak power up to 3500w (2s);

Small volume, large energy size is only 300 * 290 * 185, the capacity is 60Ah (hour hour) / 2880wh, the size is unchanged, the maximum can be expanded to 72Ah / 3500wh;

Adopt JCSE's unique 9-weight safety design technology, more security, more security, more peace of mind;

It can switch the battery remotely to meet the needs of special occasions;

Can be equipped with power / voltage display (liquid crystal / led) / multi-information display terminal;

Can provide supporting automatic charging, wireless charging solution package solutions;

Can stom 30min fast charging scheme, power can reach more than 80%;

Customized with high temperature power battery / ultra-low temperature power battery / cold chain logistics AGV robot power battery system / explosion-proof power lithium battery / explosion-proof automatic charging scheme / military power lithium battery system;

You can customize different capacities, different shapes of power battery systems.

scope of application:

AGV car, backpack robot, logistics car, jacking AGV, porter.

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