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48v 100ah Lithium ion communication battery pack

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48V100Ah intelligent communication backup lithium iron phosphate battery is the current communication operators in the new trend of new backup power development of advanced products, with integration, miniaturization, lightweight, intelligent, standardization, environmental protection, can be widely used in macro station, transmission station, indoor distribution station, integrated base station, marginal station, micro cellular station, outdoor MINI station, WLAN equipment, RF, distributed power supply and other communication fields.

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New lithium iron phosphate battery, safe and reliable, cycle life and long replacement cycle

The cycle life of the group is up to 1500 times, and the service life is longer under the floating charging working conditions

Raw materials and production, the use of the process of green environmental protection

The specification of the single cell is 3.2V / 100Ah

Single battery is equipped with secondary protection of the safety valve, safe and reliable

High energy density, stable discharge platform, greatly reduce the withdrawal rate of the base station

Integrated design: 16 series battery modules + BMS + standard cabinet or anti-resistant chassis

The embedded installation size of the cabinet complies with EIA, ETSI specifications, and meets the floor installation mode of seismic iron frame

Small volume, light weight, greatly reduce the floor area of the station and reduce the load-bearing requirements of the building floor

Modular design can increase the series and parallel to the output power and capacity

Support high-rate charge and discharge, high work efficiency, to meet the realization of small capacity configuration to achieve large current discharge

Strong environmental adaptability, wide working temperature range, the base station can not be equipped with air conditioning or improve the constant temperature of air conditioning, greatly reduce the site construction cost and electricity cost

Intelligent gap charging and discharge function can effectively reduce the electricity cost of the base station

Comprehensive alarm protection function (overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, overload, overcurrent, high temperature, low temperature, balance, dormancy)

Intelligent design, with telemetry, remote communication, remote control, remote control function, can be communicated remotely through the moving ring monitoring system

With RS232 connected interface and dual RS485 cascade interface, it can be well linked with the upper computer and other equipment

Centralized LED light indication, running situation at a glance

Front panel front-end operation and maintenance, convenient and fast

Good electromagnetic compatibility, compatible with standard communication rectifier equipment

It can be connected with the original lead-acid battery switch power supply system directly, and only need to adjust the switch power supply charge and discharge voltage and other parameters

It is extremely suitable for the power supply environment of class II municipal power supply and class III municipal power supply
48v 100Ah磷酸铁锂通讯电源

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