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-40℃ Discharge 72v 180Ah ternary power lithium battery

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-40℃ ultra-low temperature ternary power lithium battery system

Applicable to: AGV, AMR, patrol car, special vehicle, special equipment

Product model: JC72N180P3C40M

Discharge temperature: -40℃

Charging temperature: 0~45℃

Rated capacity: 180Ah

Rated voltage: 72v

Maximum discharge current: 250A

Charging current: ~90A

Weight: 104kg



Newsletter: RS485

Outer box material: cold-rolled sheet metal-injection molding

Excellent-40℃ ultra-low temperature discharge performance, -40℃ 1C discharge capacity of 85%;

Sufficient power performance can be stable output of 15,000 w surging power;

Intelligent support for RS485 / 232, CAN and other information to achieve standard MODOBUS communication, real-time monitoring and transmission of battery power, current, voltage, fault and other information;

Safety adopts JCSE unique safety 3.0 technology, in the BMS overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, overcurrent, overtemperature and other 9 heavy safety protection basis, optional active safety + passive safety strategy, from the bottom to the core, from inside to outside 360° security;

On the basis of communication, when the battery power is lower than the set value, the battery itself will issue a beep alarm, prompt timely charging, to prevent excessive discharge and unplanned parking;

Remote switch Remote switch controls the battery function.

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