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48v1480ah Rail and rail bus power battery system

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Project case time: 2018
Application areas: special vehicles
Product features: 1. Low voltage high power 48 vdc system rated power 15 kW, the peak power can output 38.5kw; 2. High current charging: 200a continuous charging, properly solve the heating problem of low voltage and high current charging; 3. The split design is based on the vehicle structure, and the battery adopts two boxes to overcome the problems of data collection and attenuation and reliable transmission of high current; 4. Can communication, efficient information interaction, support for intelligent control; 5. LCD colorful display terminal battery voltage, power, fault and other information real-time display, intuitive and clear; 6. Lithium iron phosphate power battery core safety comes from the iron core; 7. "Nine-heavy" safety design Shandong Kyocera Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the design and system integration of lithium battery solutions in high-end application fields such as agv, rgv and 

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