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48V automatic charging pile

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The intelligent charger adopts the modular design combining high frequency soft switch and DSP digital, with high conversion efficiency and high power factor. The main circuit module designed by parameter optimization provides continuous adjustable charging current for various AGV vehicles. Using wireless WIFI or infrared diffuse reflection, infrared radiation and other ways of intelligent charging, charging process is fully automated. With a variety of communication interfaces, it can realize data exchange with most lithium battery BMS and upper computer, etc. Side with automatic expansion mechanism, quick and convenient installation, redundant parallel output of multiple charging modules, simple structure, safe and reliable. The charger is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, which can realize the functions of charging process control, charging state display, charging data recording and fault information recording. And open and industry configuration interface, allowing high-end customers to configure the charging curve according to their own needs.4.1 Main functions of charging pile: 4.1.1 Integrated design of charging station, with automatic expansion mechanism, and fast and convenient installation.(Separsplit) 4.1.2 Reserve installation space for third-party equipment to provide the ability of system access.4.1.3 Modular design can be applicable to various AGV scheme requirements.4.1.4 With protection functions such as short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature.4.1.5 Both automatic charging and manual charging functions (manual function is strictly prohibited).4.1.6 With dry contact, CAN, Ethernet, RS485, wifi and other communication interfaces.4.1.7 The management background can conduct real-time data query of the charger through CAN, RS485, WIFI and other data interfaces.

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