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Company Culture

Company Culture

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JC solar&energy co.,ltd. (JCSE) pursues:

JC solar&energy co.,ltd.  adheres to the concept of "Based on Technology, Seiko Quality", holds high the banner of "Technology Leading, Product Innovation, Creating Value for Customers", and is determined to become the most reliable power battery power brand in the field of global mobile robots!

JCSE business philosophy:

Based on technology, winning by quality, quick response, exceeding expectations!  

JCSE service concept:

Want to be in front of customers, be in the hearts of customers, and be a good customer backing!

JCSE System Philosophy:

Integration of optical storage, integration of battery electronics, integration of batteries and end products.

JCSE learning philosophy:

We are patriotic, but it does not affect our study of Japanese "lean management", the innovative spirit of the Americans, and the work spirit of "rigorous and hard work" of the Germans.

JCSE Values:

Trust is responsibility! Creating value for customers and becoming a part of customer competitiveness is the pursuit of Kyocera people!


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